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Hangman Capitals Cities

Hangman Capitals Cities is a FREE Educational Hangman Game. The goal of this game is to guess the capital city from the clue given. If you get stuck, don’t worry just go back and retrace your steps. Objects are available in Capital Cities for you to use as clues. Capital City objects are usually found in a living room or kitchen but can also be seen in closets, attics, cellars, and garages. The hangman capitals word list has many common words such as apartments, animals, cities, countries, food, and many more. This hangman game version uses HTML5- Can be played on any android device including mobile phones and tablets with no loss of graphics quality! Your child will enjoy this educational hangman game while strengthening their vocabulary and spelling ability at the same time. 

Hangman Capitals Cities is a classic word game with loads of editions and variations. The basic premise is that you are given a word, and then you must find words with letters from the given set (called the Hangman letter grid) that can be formed by stringing together the letters provided to spell out the original word. The catch with this variation of the classic game is that if you don’t guess the word within a certain number of guesses (usually three or five), then it’s automatically revealed as one of the capital cities in Canada. With over 80 cities included, this is one of those games where there is always going to be something new for you to try! Refer to our article on How to Play Hangman Capitals Cities for additional details on how to play this particular game.

The Hangman Capital Cities is the capital city for each of the 50 states in the United States. Each capital city features a variety of other activities including historic tours, museums and monuments, and an abundance of things to do. To find your state’s capital city, start by finding its corresponding alphabetical letter. For example: G = Georgia, H = Hawaii, L = Louisiana, etc. Once you have found your state’s alphabetical letter, continue by finding the space that follows it in sequence starting with A and ending with Z. The last letter will be your state’s capital.

Hangman is the classic word game where players pass their word cards one at a time while they try to guess the correct answer. If you like word games, then this will be your new favorite! The difficulty level can be altered by changing the number of letters and their position on the card. 

Just click the letters and choose the correct words. If you get stuck, use the hints! Remember, this is a game, not a test. Have fun! To avoid any confusion, we’re calling these “Hangman Capitals”. Capital cities are often called capitals because they’re the seat of national governments.

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Using Mouse

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