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Idle Miner

What is Idle Miner?

Idle Miner might be the escapist dream game you've been waiting for if you've ever wondered what it's like to be an industrial mogul. This intelligent and visually stunning simulation game is all about making wise investments to expand your empire, managing your workforce, and automating your workflow so you can sit back and watch the money come in. The witty animation and huge characters make this one of the most approachable'sim' games on the market, yet there are enough hidden layers and methods to keep even the most seasoned SimCity fan entertained for weeks.

Game Features

  • Beautiful 2D designs with vibrant colors that work exceptionally nicely together.
  • The animation of the employees working continually under the manager's promotion appears to be highly disciplined. Employees work considerably more quickly when the manager's impact is active.
  • Creating a character who is always smiling appears highly amusing and comical.
  • Each mine will have a distinguishing feature that allows players to identify the type of mine at a glance.
  • Even if the mining effort is strenuous, the game's pleasant background music offers a relaxing atmosphere for players to enjoy.


Increase the number of transporters, load, mining or transport speed, and more in three departments: mine, elevator, and warehouse. These indications will be greatly amplified when certain level milestones are attained.

With enough money, players can dig deeper and open a new tunnel to exploit. The deeper the tunnel, the more output the player receives.
In addition, players can select other continents on the globe to utilize different forms of output.

Collecting a variety of costumes for your staff helps to expand their options; each dress will improve a specific stat, considerably benefiting the exploitation.
Weekly events provide participants with a plethora of new options to keep them entertained and avoid boredom. Race to the top together to demonstrate your management skills to other gamers.

How to play Idle Miner

Using Mouse

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