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Kriss Kross

What exactly is Kriss Kross?

Kriss Kross is a form of word puzzle in which words meet at specific letters on a grid of black and white squares, with the black squares marking where the words change direction. This puzzle is often referred to as a "crossword fill-in" or a "fill-in puzzle."

Kriss Kross is a type of word puzzle game known as a Fill-In puzzle. It is made up of a blank grid with black and white squares, much like a crossword puzzle. However, unlike a crossword problem, no clues are provided for the words. Instead, using only the pattern of the black and white squares as a guide, the problem solver must fill in the words themselves.


- Kriss Kross puzzles are frequently constructed from a grid of blank squares that must be filled with letters to form words or sentences.
- The puzzles offer a list of hints that explain the missing words or phrases.
- The words can be entered vertically or horizontally, but they must all fit inside the grid without overlapping or colliding.
- Some Kriss Kross puzzles may also include a theme or secret message that the finished grid may reveal.

Gameplay Guidelines

The following are the rules for the word puzzle game Kriss Kross, often known as a fill-in puzzle:

- A blank square grid is displayed, with some squares blacked out.

- The words that will fill in the vacant areas are given hints. These hints are often provided in numerical sequence, with each number corresponding to a specific word in the grid.

- Words on the grid can run horizontally or vertically and must intersect with other words at specific letters. The black squares denote the points at which words shift orientation.

- Each letter in a word must fit into the grid's matching square.

- The goal is to completely fill in the grid with the right words that match the clues.

How to play Kriss Kross

Using mouse

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