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Learn Morse Code

This is an educational game app for learning Morse Code. You can play the game as a puzzle, train, or just for fun. You can also check out how many moves it takes to solve different kinds of puzzles that use Morse Code by using the in-game calculator. This challenges you with getting your memory and speed to beat the pulsating rhythm of the code. Challenge yourself with getting faster and faster in testing your reflexes and concentration. Challenge your friends and family to see who has got the best time! Morse Code is an old form of communication that dates all the way back to 300 BC. Even though this communication method seems antiquated, it is still used every day by everyone from ham operators, news reporters and police to even amateur radio operators, taxi drivers, and ship captains.

Do you want to learn Morse code? Do you want to become a master of code transmission? Do you have a passion for codes and puzzles? If yes, then check out this app. Morse Code is an old form of communication that was used by people from an early age. It is not known how exactly it got invented but what is certain is that it was used by several ancient civilizations. There are abundant resources available online which teach different methods of learning Morse code. Some of them even let you test yourself before addressing a real audience. This article will help you get familiar with the basics of this intriguing code and how to start learning it from scratch so that you can be the best at transmitting codes once you start communicating with others again. 

This is a Morse code game with 8 levels. You need to get to the flag at the end of each level. There are dots and dashes which will help you in getting there. This is a very basic version of Morse code; it’s easy enough to learn but hard enough to master. The more you practice, the faster you can complete levels efficiently. This is a great puzzle game for kids who want to learn Morse code as well as older folks.

Morse code is a method of transcribing text that uses a series of dots and dashes. It’s very simple, but most people find it quite difficult to learn because you have to think about the sequence of the letters as well. If you want to learn Morse code, you are in the right place! 

Morse code is a method of transmitting text by using a series of patterned signals, sound, and other codes. It is based on the English letter sequences of the dot-dash sequence.

How to play Learn Morse Code

Controls Use the left mouse button or keyboard keys to play. License Apache 2.0

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