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Lewdle is the game for you if you appreciate verbal combat and don't mind telling people about it. With the help of this difficult game, you may show off your verbal prowess and let everyone know what a potty-mouthed badass you are.

You'll appreciate this new Scrabble-like word game if you like the original. It includes a distinctive double-sided playing board, a vocabulary dictionary, and an instruction manual that may be used without any prior understanding of the game.

This game is not for you if you enjoy using profanity but detest bringing attention to it. This game is not for the weak of heart or those who are easily embarrassed because it is solely based on obscenity words in the English language. We advise that you seek elsewhere because this post is not for you if you think that will be too difficult or if all of your pals are too nice or bashful to play something like this.

How to play Lewdle

Using mouse

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