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Liquid Puzzle

This is a classic puzzle game where you have to create rows of identical pieces. You can ask for help from the other players if you are stuck. Click on the required piece, and then put it into place, so that there are no gaps in the row. If you can’t do it yourself, just ask for help! There are different modes you can play depending on your mood and skills. Here’re some tips to help you start faster: - Try to combine similar-looking pieces first instead of going for small or large pieces like eyes, triangles or a star. You will be able to make more combinations this way. - Think logically when combining two or more pieces together that fit well together. A good example would be combining two circles because they will overlap one another nicely. - Combine an odd number of pieces with an even number to eliminate any chance of a gap forming in the row. To keep things interesting we also added some special capsules out there that you can use strategically as well as offensively to truly test your puzzle-solving skills!

In this game, you’ll have to match three or more color blocks to remove them from the playing area. This is a simple, but very addicting puzzle game with great graphics and sounds. You will surely spend hours working on it and get higher scores. With each level of difficulty increasing, you will need to think ahead to plan your next moves. The objective of this game is to remove the same colored blocks by matching them in a row, or column. Different types of blocks will appear at different times and they may be rotated as well. There are different difficulties as well, ranging from Very Easy to Insanely Hard! You can even adjust the speed at which the game plays if you so choose. 

Do you like solving puzzles? Well, so do we! That is why we created this amazing puzzle game. In it, you will get to play as a UFO that has crash-landed on an alien planet and is looking for its lost spaceship. You will get to explore different areas of the alien planet and gather clues that will help you find your spaceship. The game is packed with challenging levels and fun puzzles, which makes it a perfect alternative to the gaming apps market, especially now that there are so many games with similar themes and designs. This game could be the perfect fit for you if you like logic-based puzzles, fantastic graphics, cool animations, and beautiful music tracks.

Now, this is probably the most interesting puzzle game you’ve ever played. It’s called the Pudding and Water Puzzle. But don’t Google it, just play the game. The objective of this game is to make sure that the water stays in the bottle and not out of it. That’s why there are holes inside the bottle so that water can pass through them but not anything else. You mustn’t let the water spill out of the bottle or else you won’t be able to solve this puzzle. There are two different modes in this game, test your intelligence against a simple AI or play with your friends against each other.

A new game called the Magical Liquid Puzzle has just appeared in the internet and it is a very exciting one. You will be amazed to see how this game is played. You need to arrange the colored liquids in a way that they fill up all of the empty spaces on the grid so that no liquid falls out when you tilt it. The more transparent liquids you use, the more difficult it becomes. Have

How to play Liquid Puzzle

Controls Use the left mouse button to pour the colored water.

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