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Maze Worlds

Maze Worlds is a HTML5 game where you take control of a character that explores the various mazes in the world. Each maze has its own unique challenges and they are all different. The main goal of this game was to create something that was simple to use yet deep enough to keep you coming back for more. It will have multiple modes, and varying difficulty levels, and unlock new characters as well as worlds as you progress. This HTML5 game allows users to solve challenging mazes by utilizing logic and strategy. As your character navigates the mazes, they may meet an array of traps, obstacles, and even friendly characters along the way who want your character to succeed in reaching the exit. By using these unique characters and their abilities, it is possible for players to navigate previously unexplored parts of the mazes and reach new areas.

Maze World is a top-down maze game. Your goal is to guide the character through the mazes and avoid being trapped by deadly walls. The game has several different worlds with increasing difficulty levels. Maze World also includes online high score lists for each of the worlds. In this game, you play as a character who has fallen into one of the many mazes that make up this world. You must guide the character through these maces while avoiding any walls that may trap you. In order to solve each level, you must use logic and strategy in order to advance past it. 

MazeWorlds is a game similar to the popular puzzle game Sokoban. The player has to place the red brick at the top of the blue maze so that it touches all of the four edges of the blue maze only. Similar to Sokoban, you have to solve different puzzles by moving your character from one side of the level to another. As you complete a puzzle successfully, new challenges will be added thereby requiring you to plan your next move accordingly or solve them again after some time. You can also play a random level once you finish with this tutorial.

Maze War is a top-down puzzle strategy board game. Your goal is to guide your character through each maze. But be careful! Every level has traps and tricks to catch you. Try to finish every maze as fast as possible and reach the exit door. To win each level, you have to get out of it using the fewest amount of moves possible.

It's time to explore another maze! This time, you're trapped inside of a giant puzzle that you have to solve. It seems simple at first, but the more you play this game, the better you'll get at it. Are you ready to get engrossed? Let's get started!

How to play Maze Worlds

Controls Arrow keys = move Enter = next level Backspace = Exit to main menu

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