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My Perfect Hotel

What is My Perfect Hotel?

My Perfect Hotel is a casual game in which you are in charge of managing a hotel complex that will accommodate an increasing number of guests. Keeping all of the jobs that come during the game in mind, you must endeavor to please all of the visitors so that they are content with the facilities.

My Perfect Hotel features 3D images from a bird's eye perspective. As in most games of this kind, the simple controls are ideal for completing all tasks easily: You simply need to tap on the various elements and characters to initiate the various processes that take place within the hotel boundaries.

Game Rules

To achieve your objectives, you will need to expand hotels, master time management, demonstrate the quality of hospitality of a facility, intelligently invest in business development, select workers properly, and enhance it.

In the game, you must start from the beginning, working as a simple bellboy, cleaning rooms yourself, welcoming/checking in guests, and saving whatever tips you receive. Once you have a considerable quantity of money in your bank account, you may begin upgrading rooms, recruiting employees, and doing everything possible to boost the number of delighted guests.

Once you've built a hotel, you can progress to the next stage: building an empire of hotels, each with its own style and mood, and making several changes to each visitor. hotel and demonstrate first-rate service, which will aid in achieving five-star perfection.

Every detail counts at a luxury hotel. When developing them, begin by boosting toilet comfort, then add restaurants, organize parking, and outfit swimming pools. Consider the design of the rooms, making sure that every little element makes your guests happy. This will raise your living expenditures as well as your income from room payments. Don't forget to maintain outstanding service levels to avoid upsetting guests.

How to play My Perfect Hotel

Using Mouse

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