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Do you have a quick mind for math problems? You have the opportunity to put it to the test right now and see if you can correctly predict the answer in six tries as well. A new number game called Numberle will test your aptitude for math as well as your sense of logic. This is a fun, lightning-fast game that exercises all of your cognitive abilities. You need to be tactical, smart, and analytical to win this game.

To find out how adept you are at solving equations, try out this fantastic game. Simple rules apply: you have six chances to correctly guess the equation. It seems easy, doesn't it?

This game will be fun for one of your closest pals if they appreciate arithmetic. Take a look at it and try to beat the other players.

The game is easy to understand and play, but it's also difficult. You should be able to succeed in 5 or 6 attempts if you play well. But if you don't have a knack for math, it might take much more to triumph in this absurdly challenging math game. Let's get going! Move along!

The Rules of Numberle

The mathematical equation must be estimated properly six times. If you want to know what statistics and numerical signs are in the equation, enter your own correct equation in each line. It will be highlighted in brown if a number or symbol is present in the equation but is in the incorrect location; otherwise, it will be highlighted in this section. The color will be gray if the equation has no numbers or signs. In six tries, can you answer the objective equation?

How to play numberle

Using mouse

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