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Numbers crossed

Numbers Crossed is a fresh take on the classic logic puzzle game. Instead of numbers, you get clues that can point in two different directions at once! Players must find the right path to help their character escape by solving brain-bending word and number puzzles. It’s truly a whole new kind of puzzle game. How will you cross the numbers? New Hyper Casual gamers will love This game for its clean interface, small bite-sized sessions, and simple mechanics. But veteran puzzlers will also find it challenging, with over 200 unique puzzles to solve. There is no time pressure and no stress -- just an enjoyable experience. So what are you waiting for? 

This amazing game is a hyper-casual word, numbers, and logic game that is fast to play, easy to pick up, and challenging to master. It features dynamic gameplay that changes every time you play, offering a new experience every time! The objective of the game is simple: cross as many numbers as possible before time runs out. You can only cross them if they share a common factor, but not all numbers are worth crossing at the same Can you beat the board and prove you’re the smartest?

Numbers Crossed is a logic-based word and number game. In This amazing game, you need to find the hidden words by arranging the numbers in the correct order. The game also trains your problem-solving skills, and concentration and sharpens your brain! Each level has a unique set of rules that will challenge your mind in new ways with each passing level. Let’s get started and put your mind to the test with this awesome word.


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Using Mouse

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