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A nice game to keep on hand to amuse friends and family is Wordle. Any word fan will enjoy playing it because the rules are straightforward. The lack of games that follow the Wordle rules is the only downside. We made Octordle: The Wordle Game for this reason.

Players in the game Octordle alternately guess words made up of 8 letters at a time. You get 13 chances to guess the words, and you can use the remaining chances as much as you like until someone else does it for you.

The only established strategy in this fast-paced game is to stay alert while attempting to keep up with the other players. Not only that, but it's not so challenging that nobody will know how to play after they've completed!

The main difference between Word Search and Octordle games is that Word Search games frequently contain just one word each grid, whereas Octordle games frequently demand at least two words every hint. There are a few more differences between the two families of games, but it's okay if you don't recall them all for our purposes. Simply enough knowledge of these riddles is required for you to identify the type your opponent is utilizing.

How to play Octordle

Using mouse

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