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OMG Word Pop

OMG Word Pop is a word search game with a twist. It features the same addictive gameplay as other word searches, but with an added challenge. Whenever you find a word in this game, you must find another word that begins and ends with the same set of letters to complete it. For example, if your puzzle reads “orange” you need to find words that are also “grapes” and “seed” to complete it. The more difficult puzzles will have more than one word that fits this criterion, forcing you to go back and look for another branch of the same tree! If you love word search games as we do, then this is the perfect app for you!

OMG Word Pop is a classic word search game where you need to find the matching words. This pattern-matching puzzle game will test your vocabulary. There are 40 different categories with over 100 levels, and it’s the perfect time killer if you like word games and brain teasers. The objective of Word Pop is simple: You have to find all the hidden words in the grid by connecting them one by one. Sounds easy right? Let’s see how many points you can get!

It is the ultimate word search game with a twist. Instead of finding words within a grid, you must find the grid in the word search. Each word is a clue to another word, and finding all of them — no matter how tricky — will deliver the solution to that puzzle. Word Pop is also known as Word Search Dark or Word Grid. 

This game is an addictive word search game that will test your vocabulary, spelling, and reading skills. Answer questions by finding the correct words among the scrambled letters. Sound easy? Get started and see how many points you can rack up in 60 seconds !!! 

How to play OMG Word Pop

Using Mouse

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