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Outspell is a new take on word games. It is a fast-paced, competitive word game where you and your friends can team up to beat the clock or test your social network by playing against your friends. With over 100,000 words in three difficulty levels and special modes such as Double Up and King for the Bucket, This amazing game has something for everyone. Players take turns creating sentences by placing tiles on a board. As you rack up points, more tiles appear from above – but if you can’t place them before they all disappear, they will come back as negative tokens. If that’s not challenging enough, how about placing tiles while also avoiding traps that reduce your score? There are also special tokens that give you an extra turn or challenge other players with reverse tile effects!

OutSpell is a new take on word puzzles. Rather than spelling words out, you have to spell them in. In other words, you must use the letters provided to construct a word that also spells another word. This game is similar to an old Japanese puzzle game called hangers where your goal was to create another word by using different combinations of given letters. This game includes more than 30 different puzzles, some of which are harder than others and include additional rules. 

This amazing game is a fun, fast-paced word game that is based on the classic board game of Scrabble. The challenge? You only have 25 seconds to find and combine valid words from the letter tiles available. This one brings this experience to your browser, tracking your progress as you improve your vocabulary, spelling, and anagram-solving skills. It’s free, challenging, and great for practicing your vocabulary.

Outspell is a fast-paced word challenge. Players take turns spelling words to outsmart their opponents and avoid being caught with no letters left. Each player has three different difficulty settings, so this game is perfect for players of all skill levels. 

This amazing game is a challenging word puzzle game. Each level presents you with an arrangement of letters, and the goal is to find and circle all the words hidden in the grid. It sounds simple, but it’s not! The more you play, the harder it gets. Good luck!

How to play Outspell

Controls Click or drag left mouse button to move the letters.

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