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A new, challenging, and addictive word game is called Phrazle. It can be played anytime, anywhere, with your friends or family. Playing doesn't take any unique skills beyond focus and fast thinking. Each player sees the identical board with variously colored letters, but only one player can simultaneously perceive the right words.

Each participant has their own unique board in front of them, which is made out of an empty grid of letters in different colors. The active player speaks out loud the clue phrase (the one who currently has their turn). Then, players compete to fill their grids with as many words as possible that contain each of the concealed words from the clue "Phrazle" while still adhering to the established limits (e.g., minimum word length).

A 30-minute board game for 2 to 6 players is called Phrazle. The word and phrase cards that the players receive are matched to their level of guessing ability. While avoiding red herrings and making sure they are not being misled by other players, puzzlers must attempt to decipher the phrase.

It's a word game that combines codenames, scattergories, and charades into one frantic game where nobody can be trusted. Players take turns giving clues and trying to use their phrasing to trick the other team. Will you be able to interpret the hints left by your teammate? Or are you going to keep being duped by red herrings? Play this fun new party game to find out right away!

How to play phrazle

Using mouse

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