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Pixel Speedrun

What exactly is Pixel Speedrun?

Pixel Speedrun is a thrilling online platform game that transports players into a captivating pixelated universe. Developed exclusively for TopGames, this free-to-play gem delivers a blend of old-school aesthetics and heart-pounding action. Players assume control of a tiny pixel character and embark on an epic journey across levels brimming with unique obstacles and difficulties.


  1. Mesmerizing Pixel Art: Pixel Speedrun enchants players with its captivating pixel art style. The visuals pay homage to the classic era of gaming, evoking feelings of nostalgia while delivering a fresh and visually appealing experience.

  2. Diverse and Challenging Levels: With a multitude of levels, each offering its own distinct challenges, Pixel Speedrun keeps players on their toes. From treacherous platforms to cunning adversaries, every level presents new hurdles to overcome.

  3. Responsive Controls: Pixel Speedrun boasts responsive and user-friendly controls, ensuring players can maneuver their pixel character with precision and grace. Mastering these controls is crucial for achieving top speedrun times.

  4. Race Against the Clock: Time is of the essence in Pixel Speedrun. The objective is to complete each level as swiftly as possible while navigating through a maze of obstacles and foes. Your final time determines your standing on the leaderboards.

  5. Continuous Improvement: Pixel Speedrun encourages players to constantly push their limits. With each attempt, you have the opportunity to refine your skills and set new personal records.

The Rules of game

To excel in Pixel Speedrun, it's vital to grasp the game's rules and mechanics:

  1. Time is Precious: Speed is your ally in Pixel Speedrun. Your mission is to finish each level in record time. The timer starts ticking as soon as you begin a level, so stay focused and move swiftly.

  2. Obstacle Mastery: Every level is filled with perilous obstacles, including spikes, moving platforms, and hostile pixel adversaries. Colliding with these hazards can result in setbacks or failure. Navigate these challenges with precision and agility.

  3. Managing Lives and Continues: Typically, Pixel Speedrun provides a set number of lives or continues. Running out of lives means restarting the level from scratch. Wise management of your lives is pivotal for achieving the best times.

  4. Competitive Leaderboards: Compete against players from across the globe for the top spot on the leaderboards. Your final time is compared to that of other speedrunners, making Pixel Speedrun a competitive and addictive game.

How to play Pixel Speedrun

Using Mouse

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