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Pop Words

Puzzle word games can be pretty boring and old. But when you add the element of competition, things take a whole new spin. Word games are one of the best ways to sharpen your mind, improve your vocabulary, and test your knowledge. If you’re looking for a fun challenge, so Pop Words is for you!

Pop words is basically also a game of arranging the given letters into a meaningful word. But it has been changed quite a lot in terms of gameplay as well as the interface to attract players.
How to play:
To start playing you will choose a character to join the game. In addition, you will be accompanied by 2 more players, all 3 of whom will stand on a column of bubbles. In the middle of that bubble column, there will be bombs inserted.

Then the quizzes will be given one after another. You have 15 seconds for each puzzle, if you find the right word in the allotted time, the number of bubbles below will explode corresponding to your escape from the wall of thorns above. On the contrary, if the time runs out and you still don't finish, you will have to stand still, and the wall of thorns will gradually come to you.

- new, interesting game rules
- eye-catching interface
- play with teammates, highly competitive

How to play Pop Words

Using Mouse

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