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What exactly is Retro Bowl College?

The official sequel to the smash hit RETRO BOWL takes you back in time. You haven't seen anything yet if you thought managing a Pro Team was difficult!

Make a name for yourself as a successful Head Coach for one of the 250 college teams. Manage tight budgets and encourage your fiery young players to stay focused on the ball in the face of college temptations and distractions. Can you tell the difference between the next NFL superstar and a party animal who never knows when to call it a night? Can you assist them in honing their skills and completing the Draft? Can you make your college the best football school in history?


  • Retro Bowl College's most recent version includes a slew of enhancements and features that are sure to improve the experience for die-hard college football fans. What you should expect is as follows:
  • Player Development: Learn more about the journey of each player on your roster. Observe their growth, make critical decisions, and help them progress from college freshmen to potential draft stars. Richer backstories bring each team and player to life, adding depth and realism that immerses you in the collegiate environment.
  • Advanced Team Management: You now have more options as a coach. Make every decision, from recruitment strategies to gameplay choices, count.
  • Improved Fan Interaction: Interact with die-hard college football fans in new and exciting ways. Their feedback has the potential to influence your team's fate.
  • New Training Courses: Improve your team's skills by using a variety of training modules that are tailored to each player's specific strengths and weaknesses.
  • Dynamic Challenges: Face off against unexpected challenges that will test your wits and strategy, ensuring that no two gameplay experiences are the same.

Gameplay Guidelines

Retro Bowl College allows you to create and manage your own college football program. Recruit skilled players, devise effective strategies, and lead your team through a variety of challenges and competitions. You will make key decisions on and off the field as the coach, such as training sessions, game plans, and player substitutions.

A comprehensive recruiting system is also included in the game, allowing you to scout and recruit talented high school players to join your team. Each player has a unique set of skills and characteristics, so it's critical to assess their potential and make informed decisions during the recruiting process.

How to play retro bowl college

Using mouse

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