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Shell Shockers

What is Shell Shockers?

Shell Shockers is a first-person shooter with egg characters that can be played in multiplayer mode. The player enters the arena while controlling a ferocious egg armed with a shotgun. It is a real-time multiplayer game that features combat with players from all over the world.

Shellshocker is a fantastic first-person shooting game! You may completely customize your egg by changing the colors, headgear, stamps, and load-outs. In three separate game types, you can use a variety of weaponry. Capture the Spatula, Free for All, and Teams. The purpose of Free for All is to crack, scramble, poach, and fry as many eggs as possible. In Teams, you can join either the Blue or Red team and compete to crack, scramble, poach, or fry the eggs. Capture the Spatula is an online game similar to Capture the Flag.

Game Rules

The game has three modes: "Capture The Spatula," "Team Fight," and "Free Fight." After defining the game mode, you can begin the game by entering your nickname. You can restore your health by collecting eggs on the map. Win the war by cooperating with your buddies in the game.

Before you enter a Shell Shockers arena, you should follow specific rules, such as selecting the weapon you want to use during the game. Each gun has unique characteristics such as fire rate, firepower, and accuracy. Each time you respawn, you will have the option of selecting a different weapon.


How to play Shell Shockers

Mouse and WASD to move. LMB to fire. E to change weapons. R to reload. Q to throw a grenade.

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