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Shiritori is a Japanese word game that tests your ability to think of words beginning with a certain letter. It’s also known as the “whistle word” and is commonly played among primary schoolers in Japan. Now, get ready to feel the stress of being a middle-schooler again! ^^ This HTML5 This game will test your vocabulary by giving you an initial word and asking you to find its partner. If you love word games, this one’s for you.

This one is a word game that tests your vocabulary. You must type the first word that comes to mind when you see a set of obscure hiragana or katakana characters. There are no correct answers, so as long as you give your best guess, you’ll be fine. If you want to play along, just type the hiragana or katakana in the boxes below. The first person to get 20 points wins! Let's get started!

This one is a fun and challenging word game. It's a Japanese word guessing game that has been enjoyed by children, families, friends, and co-workers for many years. You can play it in many ways: fast and loud like charades, as a team vs team challenge, or in teams trying to get the most points with correct answers. 

 In this game, you need to find and type the target word that appears in the given list as fast as you can. It’s an arcade-style game with simple rules and challenging puzzles. You must think quickly and type the words before time runs out! Let’s check it now.

How to play Shiritori

Controls Use the keyboard to insert words.

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