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Slope 3

What is Slope 3?

Based on the slope series, Slope 3 is an entertaining unlimited running game. Drive a ball down a series of slopes while avoiding obstacles to earn a high score. The goal of Slope 3 is to guide the ball through the obstacles while avoiding hitting the red walls.


There will be several impacts when handling the gravity ball; you must concentrate on stopping the ball from colliding or falling into the depths; or else, you will lose.

The left and right arrow keys are used to control the ball. The object of the game is to make the gravity ball travel as far as possible.

The gravitational environment is a unique aspect of this game. Slope 3 offers a more realistic gameplay experience than other endless-running games. When you control the ball, it will roll down the hills faster and slow down when it encounters an obstacle on the path.

This indicates that avoiding obstacles by pressing the left and right arrows will not allow you to win the game. You must keep control of the ball's speed. That is the secret to the success of this game.


  • 3D neon graphics that are eye-catching.
  • Rapidly changing levels make things more challenging and unpredictable.
  • Many perilous barriers are in the form of barricades, perilous pits, and lethal walls.
  • On the leaderboard, you can see who the best players are and try to beat them.

How to play Slope 3

Using Mouse

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