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Space Escape

In Space Escape, you will be challenged to escape a space station by collecting keys and solving puzzles in this fantastic game. The object of the game is to help the space-faring alien find his way back home. By collecting keys from outside the space station, he will be able to unlock doors so that he can venture out into the world beyond again. There are doors on every level of the station, allowing for lots of exploration opportunities as well as puzzle-solving fun. The space station has three levels and a basement where dangerous robots roam. As you move up through the levels and into more dangerous territory, you’ll need to make sure that no one sees your alien leaving in case they report you to the authorities… 

HyperCasual games have become a growing trend in the gaming industry. These are casual games that are difficult to master and require players to keep trying over and over again until they achieve mastery. They’re quick games, perfect for mobile devices. With a Hyper-casual game, you can expect beautiful graphics, engaging gameplay, and an easy learning curve. That being said, not all Hyper-casual games are equal. You see, there are many different Hyper-casual games out there today. Many of which have similar gameplay but varying degrees of difficulty as well as the quality level of graphics, sounds, etc.

Every once in a while, you need to step away from the busy world and catch your breath. When that happens, it helps to have a fun game to play. That’s why we’re introducing: Space Escape! You’ve just been released from interstellar space prison. All you have is your wits, your jetpack, and a few space skills. So what are you going to do? There are bound to be a lot of questions, but only so many answers. 

It’s time to escape! Join the crew of the Royal Space Ship as they embark on a magical space adventure. In Space Escape, you play as Commander Bubbles as he takes on the challenge of escaping from an alien zoo after your spaceship crashes. Work together with the crew to solve puzzles and collect all of the pieces to escape.

Are you ready to become an alien? Alien Maze is a new casual, escape the maze and test your wits game. The goal of this game is to help the little green man escape from the maze he is trapped in. With limited tools at his disposal and some very strange creatures to meet along the way, can you help him make it out alive? Enjoy! 

How to play Space Escape

Using Mouse

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