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What exactly is Sunkenland?

Sunkenland is a fantastic post-apocalyptic survival and exploration game set in the near future, when the majority of the Earth has been submerged beneath water. Explore underwater cities, gather valuable materials and technologies, build your base, trade, fight, and survive.

Dive Features

Examine the submerged structures, nuclear power reactors, and subway tunnels. Collect resources, look for lost technologies, and seek out one-of-a-kind pre-apocalyptic artifacts. Make diving gear to aid you with your underwater trip. And keep an eye out for the unknown danger hiding in the planet's depths.

Building the Foundation
Make your base wherever you choose. Will it be a sea fortification, an abandoned shipyard, or a penthouse on an island? It is required for staying hydrated, crafting, cultivating, storing objects, and being safe. You can use the modular construction concept to create your own enclave and decorate it with items you find along the road.

Base Security
Protect your base from pirate and mutant factions. Construct high walls, barbed wire, traps, a monitoring system, and cannons to keep your opponents out of your territory!

Make all of the necessary equipment, weapons, a jet ski, and even a helicopter. Many workstations and drawings will be required for complex objects.

Gather food, hunt sharks, grow plants, and keep supplies organized. Because resources are few in Sunkenland, make your base as environmentally friendly as possible.

Vehicles Create and improve a wide range of vehicles such as sailboats, jetskis, and gyrocopters. They will greatly facilitate your exploration.

Defend yourself against mutants and pirates. Raid opposing atolls and take their resources. Make use of melee weapons, firearms, and explosives. Fight both on land and at water. Use mounted heavy cannons to destroy enemy vessels.

Trading with friendly atolls for food, weaponry, armor, and rare artifacts. There is no such thing as universal currency; only item-for-item exchanges exist.

Gameplay Guidelines
In the game, you can explore subterranean communities, build your base, create items, trade, and fight pirates. There are sunken skyscrapers, nuclear power plants, and metro tunnels. After gathering materials, you can use the game's modular building system to construct your own simple raft-based castle or a luxurious island mansion.

There is no such thing as a safe water-themed game, so be prepared to defend against pirate and mutant tribes. Build towering walls, barbed wire, traps, surveillance systems, and artillery to keep your base safe. You should also explore the environment with one (or all) of the many vehicles available, such as sailboats, jetskis, and gyrocopters.

How to play sunkenland

Using mouse

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