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Tirdle, also known as Wordle3, is designed to cater to players who enjoy Dordle but find Quordle to be a more difficult rendition of Worlde than they would like to try their hand at. Don't worry, Tridle only requires you to solve three Wordles at the same time.

Tridle, like Wordle, bases its solution set and the set of words that qualify as valid guesses on 5-letter words. It has three distinct grids that must be solved in eight attempts or less. Each of the three hidden words has its own grid, which works exactly like a traditional Wordle grid.

Each grid, and thus each individual word, follows the same set of rules as Wordle. Wordle's well-known green and yellow color scheme is also present, with grey squares replaced by black.

Gameplay of the Tridle

It's critical not to be intimidated by the large number of squares on your screen when playing this game. Keep in mind that these grids are simply variations on the simple, elegant, and one-of-a-kind Worlde game that you've already mastered. As a result, the workload should be light.

1.Coordination of three concurrent grids

Once you're on Tridle's game board, use your logic to enter the starting word you believe will give you the most information about the three secret words.

Remember, you only have 8 chances to solve this Tridle correctly. Make every visitor count, and never guess without taking into account the hints revealed. Let's see how far we've progressed since we added NERDS and then CHALK to our game.

It's up to us to decide which grid deserves our attention. It's worth noting that we already know four of the five words in grid 3, so it makes sense to start with this one. In addition, we know where the letters H (second) and L (third) are in the secret word. Keeping this in mind, let us try SHELF as our third guess and see where it takes us.

2. Tridle Keyboard

Another important aspect of Tridle is the way hints are displayed on the on-site keyboard. To get a better understanding, look at the image below and notice how the letter E is placed in all three grids.

Because the letter E appears in grids 1 and 3 but not in grid 2, the keyboard will display E as three distinct partitions. Grid one is on the left, Grid two is in the center, and Grid three is on the right. Each of these partitions will represent the letter color-coding for the grids they are assigned to. 

If a letter has the same color in two or three consecutive partitions, it means that the color coding for that letter is the same in all of the corresponding grids.

3. Repeat the game.

You can also solve another Tridle if you want to. Simply click the 'Continue' button, which is located directly below the keyboard. Then, to proceed, click the 'Play Again' button.

How to play Tridle

Using mouse

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