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Word Cargo

Take advantage of the numerous ways to play Word Cargo this addictive word game offers you unlimited fun! This new update adds new levels and rewards so stay tuned for more updates! In Word Cargo, you will find hundreds of different words, each with its own theme. You must use your vocabulary to play this game and try to combine as many letters as possible from this theme. For example, in the WORD CARGO level, you must combine the WORD and CARGO to get a high score! Combine the letters that are related to each other in some way. These types of words are known as homophones. WordCASUAL features an adaptive difficulty system that adapts to your skills level. The more advanced you become at playing these types of games, the harder Word Cargo gets! So don’t give up if it gets difficult at some point and keep trying until you succeed! 

Word games are a timeless favorite. Ever since childhood, we’ve been playing word games with friends and family to pass the time, have some fun, or even improve at spelling. But what if you can play these types of games without writing anything or without reading anything? Would you like that? Of course, you would! That’s why we created Word Cargo! It is a casual game for your phone and tablets that features word puzzles of all kinds, from “hint more letters” to “find hidden words”. You don't need an internet connection in order to play with it; just download and start playing immediately on your device. With more than 400+ levels, from easy to hard ones, it has everything you need in order to keep yourself entertained for hours and challenge your brain.

This is a two-player word game in which one player has to guess the other’s word and vice versa. The base of the game is that words with similar meanings are easy to guess, but with different meanings it becomes difficult. You can download this game from your favorite Android app store. There are many other games like this but we will concentrate on just one word at a time, so if you have an app that you think isn’t getting enough love then let us know about it in the comments below. 


How to play Word Cargo

Using Mouse

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