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Word Shapes

Word Search Shapes is a fun and educational game that tests your ability to find words hidden in shapes. You have to search for the correct word from among a grid of letters. It’s a challenging, but rewarding game! If you like word searches, you will love this game. This word search game has more than 100 levels with different grids and difficulty levels. Each new level presents a new challenge, but you can also choose to play one of the easier puzzles again whenever you want.

Do you like word search puzzles? This is a great new word search game with awesome graphics and a difficulty curve that gets harder as you progress. Test your vocabulary and find all the hidden words in this puzzle! This HTML5 game is suitable for high-end phones, tablets, or desktop computers. You can play it on any device, but if you have a small screen you might have difficulties reaching some of the hidden words! Let’s get started.

Word Search is an easy-to-play word game that is fun and challenging at the same time. In this word search game, your task is to find all the hidden words in the grid. You will have a list of clue words that you can use to help you find the hidden words. There are many levels in this game and each level has more difficult clues than the last one. Good luck!

Word Search Shapes is an HTML5 word search game with different shaped boards. It's an educational and fun game that exercises your vocabulary, as well as your speed while reading and recognizing words.

How to play Word Shapes

Using Mouse

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