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Word Splice

Word Splice is a challenging puzzle game that will test your vocabulary and logic. Each level has you race against the clock to find as many words as possible from a grid of scrambled letters. This game is like an advanced word search where you have to use logic to find the words instead of just relying on your eyes. You don’t even know what the words are until you find them! Players must find each word by connecting its first letter to another word’s last letter. Once you’ve found all the words on a level, it becomes much easier in future playthroughs. Look out for secondary objectives that may appear – they make things even more difficult.

WordSplice is a word logic puzzle game. It's a puzzle where you have to find the hidden words in a grid of letters. The objective is to find as many words as possible, with no word repeating in any row or column. In each level, you have to find a specific list of words given by the clue. With each new level, the difficulty increases, and new mechanics are introduced; The number of letters available decreases (making it harder to form words); New special tiles are introduced that modify how we can solve the puzzle Empty tile that doesn't let you use that letter anymore.) Set your brain on the challenge and discover all the words hidden in this game.

Let’s explore the world of this one. This game will test your logic and vocabulary.  Each word has multiple fragments, which must be combined to form the final word. You can combine any fragment with another one or a whole word to make a new word.


How to play Word Splice

Controls Press left mouse button to choose a bubble.

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