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Word Swipe

Word Swipe is a Letter-based word game. It’s a simple yet engaging brain teaser that requires you to think fast and use your vocabulary in a logical manner to fill the word grid with letters. Start playing now!

• HOW TO PLAY: Swipe the letters to create words and solve the crossword puzzle. Each level gets harder as more and more challenging puzzles appear on the grid. Complete all the levels to unlock new Word packs and advance to higher Word categories. The higher you score, the more points you get, unlocking complete Word packs and advancing to higher Word categories. The faster you finish, the better your score will be!


- Intuitive User Interface for simple gameplay;

- Variety of Levels from Easy to Hard;

- All New Gameplay with Screenshots from Users;

- Leaderboards from Different Categories like Most Popular Crosswords, Newest Crosswords, Most Difficult crosswords etc.;

- Several Word Categories like English Grammar Words, Scientific Words, Computer Words etc.;

• MEET OUR DESIGNERS: We are three friends who believe in creating games that inspire people of all ages and help them practice their language skills. Follow us for more games coming

This amazing game is a crossword puzzle game with an interesting concept. You have to connect words to complete the crossword. Switch between letters to match similar words and clear the board by making use of all your possible options. Earn points as you progress in the game, unlock new levels, and compare your scores with friends. This one has over handcrafted puzzles in 50 different levels across 5 different themes, which should keep you playing for a long time! Levels rotate every 3 days so there’s always something new to look forward to. You can also unlock additional themes if you wish, but we don’t think you’ll need them too much. 

Word Swipe is a game of matching words. Based on the same genre as Crosswords, Word Puzzles, and Word Search games, this new addition to your Android device will keep you busy for hours! Match tiles by swiping letters left or right. Don’t forget that some words can be joined together to create longer words. However, what begins as a simple single word can quickly escalate into an unanswerable puzzle! Swipe across letters to create words and complete puzzles. You’ll have to think faster than your opponents if you want to become the best in the world at this addictive word game.

This one is a word puzzle game where you need to swipe letters to form words. There are many levels in the game, each level introduces a new theme and difficulty. The themes of the different levels include animals, objects, food, colors, and more. You can either create your own word puzzles or play some of them from the built-in level editor. You can also share your created word puzzles with friends via built-in social media features like Facebook or Twitter.

Word Swipe is a word game. With this app you will play with your friends and family can play this game in any place, any time. This is the most fun way to learn the English language. You have to match 3 letters from a given deck to score points. The faster you finish, the more points you get! Play classic or timed games for endless fun and challenge. Powerful options let you set up your own rules, track your progress, and play against friends. 

How to play Word Swipe

Using Mouse

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