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Wrestle Jump 2

What is Wrestle Jump 2?

Wrestle Jump 2 is a turn-based arcade game featuring amusing game art animation. According to some physics game rules, you will not win the current round unless you make your opponent's head hit the wall or the ground by pressing a single button. The most intriguing aspect is that persistent clicking will not always result in benefits.

A good fighter will easily defeat an opponent; all you have to do is assist him! Single-player and enterprise game modes are available. You can play the game alone or with a group of pals in one of three modes.

Game Rules

  • Pressing the C button causes the hero's legs to move - the characters begin to move and their location changes. 
  • Your mission is to make the character take no harm while destroying the opponent with a well-aimed hit to the skull. In fighters, the most susceptible area is the head. even if you're in the air, press the key and move
  • Don't allow a character to fall headfirst; it's bad for his health.
  • Try to use the movement's inertia to land a precise hit. It's really simple to control the hero with just one button.
  • Fiery music contributes to the joyful atmosphere, enthusiasm comes instantly during games!

The character moves differently: you can move your foot to the left, right, or down depending on the random option. Players represent different colored teams. In multiplayer mode, you can play with a buddy or choose a random game: the system will choose a suitable participant for you among those who are online.

How to play Wrestle Jump 2

Use your keyboard and mouse

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