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20 Minutes Till Dawn

What does 20 Minutes Till Dawn mean?

20 Minutes Till Dawn is an adrenaline-fueled roguelike shoot'em up that immerses players in a horrific survival adventure against never-ending waves of spine-chilling Lovecraftian monsters. Players must journey through the darkness, battling relentless armies of alien creatures, with the goal of surviving till daybreak in this thrilling game.

This survival roguelike immerses players in a high-stakes scenario in which the goal is to survive the night by facing swarms of Lovecraftian horrors. As the darkness descends, players must carefully construct formidable buildings, arm themselves, and defeat waves of advancing creatures. The game challenges players to endure the onslaught for 20 minutes in a never-ending race against time and threatening opponents.

Game Rules

  • Endless Nightmarish Hordes: As they try to fend off the oncoming waves, players encounter a steady stream of Lovecraftian creatures lurking in the shadows, creating an atmosphere of horror and intensity.
  • Powerful Builds: The game invites players to experiment with various character builds, weapons, and abilities, allowing for a variety of playstyles and strategic ways to combating persistent opponents.
  • Roguelike Survival: Using roguelike features, each playing provides a distinct and hard experience, delivering random encounters and circumstances that put the player's adaptation and skill to the test.
  • Intense and terrifying Atmosphere: 20 Minutes Till Dawn immerses players in a dark and foreboding environment, offering a hauntingly atmospheric backdrop rich in suspense and anxiety.
  • Race Against Time: With the night only lasting 20 minutes, players must make the most of every second, making rapid decisions and applying tactical prowess to live till morning.

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