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Billie Bust Up

What exactly is Billie Bust Up?

Billie Bust Up is a charming 3D platformer with great villain melodies!

Billie Bust Up is a musical 3D platformer with memorable foes and singing bosses inspired by 2D animation musicals. We mixed gameplay into the music, and each main character has their own song that communicates their uniqueness, motivations, and charm.

Gameplay Guidelines

Billie is a magical goat that loves adventure and all things wonderful. She is joined by Oscar, her loving little fox. 

In a fortunate turn of events, she is recruited by her late father's old partner, a hesitant Aristotle the axolotl, to embark on a mission to rescue valuable relics that have fallen into the hands of a few wicked (and incredibly musically inclined) villains. Join Billie, Oscar, and Aristotle on a musical quest for knowledge and to restore the lost great magic. You'll encounter a diverse cast of characters and learn a few magic spells to help you along the way.

Take control of Billie, a daring and feisty young goat on a journey to reclaim her long-lost father's hoof steps and a powerful magic. You'll travel to strange realms with your mystic axolotl mentor Aristotle and playable pet fox Oscar, face off against show-stopping villains with their own memorable songs, master incredible magical powers, and discover a darkly fantastic world where skillful gameplay and memorable music are harmoniously intertwined. way!

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic's Daniel Ingram produced a song for each main character that sells their personality, motives, and attraction.


Platforming is focused on rhythm

The basic gameplay of Billie Bust Up is very standard 3D adventure platforming, similar to Spyro the Dragon or Mario 64. This game adds a unique twist to the basic gameplay by incorporating rhythm elements, particularly during boss confrontations, where the player can use the music as a guide to assist them in dodging the enemy's hits.

Music integration

Billie Bust Up's musical abilities go beyond simply timing attacks to the music. The music's lyrics predict what happens in the game. The music responds to the player's actions as well, based on how they play.

An eye-catching rhythm game

This game will appeal to fans of 3D adventure platformers, but they must be willing to embrace the game's rhythm component. This may most likely frustrate you if you are not a fan of rhythm games. There is no online multiplayer, however, it can be played with shared or split-screen co-op.

How to play Billie Bust Up

Using mouse

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