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What exactly is Gladihoppers?

Gladihoppers is a thrilling game that combines the attraction of gladiator fighting with physics-based gameplay. Players can create their gladiators and fight in a pixel-art arena reminiscent of ancient Rome. The basic goal is survival, with AI opponents and worldwide gamers competing for victory and fame.


Players take on the role of gladiators, each with their own set of powers based on their chosen character: Trainer, Surgeon, Priest, or Spy. Survival in the arena necessitates clever combat skills. Victories grant renown bonuses and gold, which can be used to purchase upgrades such as weapons, and armor, and increases to strength, health, and other talents such as charisma, willpower, and looting.

Features of Game

Customizable Gladiators: Choose from a variety of characters, each with unique powers and techniques for victory in the arena.

Earning renown and gold by winning battles allows players to upgrade their warriors with improved weaponry, armor, and stat increases, transforming them into dangerous opponents.

Beyond basic upgrades, players can improve qualities such as charisma, willpower, and looting, adding complexity and strategy to their gladiator's prowess.

Global Competition: Compete not only against AI opponents but also against players from all around the world in order to establish supremacy and climb the ranks as the ultimate fighter.

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