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Move The Pin 2

Another popular genre on the mobile platform is of casual games. These are games that are easy to learn, play, and understand. They tend to be short in length, some can take only a few minutes to play while others can take quite a while and require you to practice them repeatedly in order to master them. Casual games have become so popular and prevalent on mobile devices that they now constitute the majority of all app downloads. With so many casual games available it’s easy for players of all ages and gaming abilities to find something they like. Thus, these types of games are particularly good for families with multiple members who might not all be into the same genres. As long as one person likes something then your whole family probably will too! Below we’ll look at some ideas for moving the pin from start to finish when everyone is playing together as a family. 

In this game, you move the yellow and black pin around the board to make horizontal and vertical lines. There are different levels with increasing difficulty. The objective is to create a valid line of blocks from beginning to end without repeating any set of the same color or shape. It takes practice to figure out how to play without making mistakes but once you get the hang of it, it’s fun! - Increasing Difficulty: Get better at the game by playing against the computer AI or challenging your friends by playing in asynchronous mode. You can also replay any level from the menu as many times as you want until you master it. - Auto-save option: You can now disable this feature if necessary. 

Since you’ve moved the big red pin, it’s time to move on to the next level. Use your logic to hit all of the small yellow pins without hitting any of the red ones. Sounds easy? It gets harder as you progress through this logical game where faster thinking is required. The difficulty level increases from level to level, and so does the excitement of trying to solve each new puzzle. But don’t get too excited because there are only 16 levels in total.

A lot of games these days are all about speed. You want to get your gameplay up and running in the shortest amount of time possible. That’s why you’re going fast in so many other games too. But what if you could go even faster? Or slow down for a moment? The answer is with game mechanics, or how a game operates as a whole rather than its individual parts. These are the little things that make up a game’s core loop, or its engine as we think of it. 

How would you like to move the pin? Move The Pin 2 is a logic game where you have to think logically and use your puzzle-solving skills to move the red pin onto its final resting place. To play Move The Pin, simply tap anywhere on the screen and then slide your finger across it. It’s that simple! So what are you waiting for? 

How to play Move The Pin 2

Using Mouse

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