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What is Roboquest?

Roboquest is a heart-pounding FPS adventure that seamlessly weaves together the intensity of fast-paced shooting with the strategic depth of roguelite mechanics. This dynamic game invites players into a world where swift reflexes, strategic decision-making, and a thirst for high-speed action are paramount. Whether braving the adventure solo or teaming up for a cooperative experience, Roboquest challenges gamers to shoot, run, and upgrade their way through ever-evolving, lush biomes teeming with enemies and formidable bosses.

Roboquest encapsulates the essence of rapid-fire FPS gameplay. Players find themselves thrust into procedurally generated biomes, navigating vibrant landscapes filled with diverse adversaries, utilizing an array of weaponry to blast through hordes of enemies with precision and speed. The game's roguelite mechanics ensure a fresh experience each time, making every run feel unique and unpredictable.


Roboquest's rules are simple yet demanding: Shoot, move swiftly, and survive. As players traverse through the dynamically shifting biomes, they collect various upgrades, augmenting their abilities and weaponry. Quick reflexes and adaptability are essential as they confront powerful bosses, each encounter serving as a thrilling test of skill and tactics. The game's permadeath feature adds an exhilarating edge, pushing players to hone their skills and devise new strategies with each attempt.

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