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The Bunny Graveyard

What exactly is The Bunny Graveyard?

The Bunny Graveyard sets the atmosphere for an immersive and spine-chilling adventure centered on Skye, a bunny on a perilous journey to discover the horrible truth about her life. Skye's journey will evolve as players navigate through the spooky environment, taking her further into the fascinating and gloomy universe influenced by retro handheld console aesthetics.

The rabbit Graveyard is an episodic horror experience that immerses players in the unsettling story of Skye, a rabbit on a quest to uncover the chilling mysteries surrounding her life. This captivating and terrifying trip allows players to enter a realm steeped in darkness, full of secrets, dread, and the unknown.


Skye's exploration of the pixelated, mystical, and scary landscapes is guided through the game as an episodic experience. To advance the plot, players will need to find clues, solve puzzles, and journey through unusual locales. As the story progresses, players will meet horrific secrets and make decisions that will change Skye's fate, leading to many routes and results.

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