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Vex 8

What exactly is Vex 8?

Vex 8 is the next chapter in the Vex Games saga, one of the longest-running series of online adventure games with stickmen, which we highly recommend as we have done many times before, and you can now play it on PCs and mobile devices alike, so don't miss out!

Gameplay Guidelines

The intelligent stickman continues his mission in the eighth edition of the Vex game series! The stickman will face various severe hurdles during his voyage. There will be traps, challenging terrain, and deep water to swim across. The stickman will have a task to do in each chapter, such as collecting coins without dying even once. Complete the objectives and guide the stick man to the end of the chapter. Let's go on another adventure with this incredibly amazing stickman!

The faster you finish the stages, the more stars you get, ranging from one to three. WASD or ARROW keys to move and jump while avoiding pits, hopping from wall to wall to reach higher platforms, and avoiding spikes, wheels, and other deadly traps.

With the coins you earn, you can purchase various skins for your stickman avatar. We wish you the best of luck and hope to see you again soon for more fun!

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