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Words Formula. Where is logic?

Logic is the ability to think rationally and make sound judgments. It’s a crucial skill for anyone who wants to succeed in school, career, and life. It’s essential for every field of study. But logic isn’t the only thinking skill. There are a number of other thinking skills that are just as important as logic. Some people might think more than others, but everyone has access to these thinking skills. In this game, you will be tested your logical skill.

Words Formula. Where is logic? is a very popular brain game today. This game not only entertains players but also helps them exercise their minds. So this will be a great choice for those who like intellectual games and want to challenge themselves.
In the game, there will be a lot of puzzles given. Each question will have different suggested pictures that require people to use their guessing ability to give the correct answer.

There are two game modes:

Mode #1 (Associations): You're given two photographs and must figure out what they're connected to. Consider the following scenario: king = lion + throne

Mode #2 (What they Have in Common): You are presented with three images and must determine what they have in common. Haircutting, grass trimming, and shrub cutting, for example, equals a haircut.

The gameplay is very simple, each puzzle will have crosswords corresponding to the number of letters in the answer, your task will be to choose the letters of the letters given below to fill in the boxes above.
This game attracts gamers thanks to its interesting gameplay, diverse suggestive pictures. This will definitely be the impossible game on your list of mind games.

How to play Words Formula. Where is logic?

Using Mouse

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