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World's Capitals Quiz

World Capitals Quiz is a fun and educational game that will test your knowledge of the capitals of different countries. You are given ten random capital cities and you have to identify the correct country for each one. It’s a fairly challenging quiz and you will have to think carefully about each response. Are you ready to test your knowledge? Let’s see if you can beat these world capitals.

World Capitals Quiz are a great way to test your knowledge of geography, history, and current affairs. See if you have what it takes to become the next World Capital. In this fun 2D puzzle game you will have to collect hidden objects in order to reveal and identify each city. There are 20 challenging levels that will put your skills to the test! Think you can handle it? Let’s get started!

Are you ready to test your knowledge? In this world capital quiz game, you have to find the capital city of different countries around the world. You will be given clues for each country and you need to figure out what city is its capital. Sounds easy? Let’s see how good are you at this game.

World Capitals Quiz is a fun game to test your knowledge of the world's capital cities. Each level has 25 questions from 5 difficulty levels. The difficulty increases as you advance through the game. This means that the final level is very difficult. Good luck!

How to play World's Capitals Quiz

Controls Mouse or Touch

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