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Adventure Miner

Mining and grinding: Those are the two most common phrases in any game with an RPG or strategy element. Nevertheless, there is still something special about mining in a virtual world. Moreover, mining games don’t typically involve swords, magic, or dragons—instead they are all about locating ore, mining it from its source, and selling it for gold in order to upgrade your equipment so you can mine even more ore! That’s the primary goal of this idle mining game. So gear up and get ready to dive deep into the wonderful world of Adventure Miner

Mining and collecting things is something that a lot of people enjoy doing. It’s almost like a hobby at this point, with all the games, shows, and collectibles revolving around mining and collecting things. Luckily, mining and collecting things can now be done in the browser! Adventure Miner is an incremental mining game where you explore an underground mine, collect ores and minerals, upgrade your stats, and power up your equipment to mine adventure.

In Adventure Miner you will assume the role of a miner in a fantasy world, and your task is to explore mines for hidden gems, upgrade your gear and buy useful items to get through increasingly difficult dungeons. Even though this game is called “Idle” miner, it’s far from being one. It’s more like an Idle adventure with upgrades, exploration, and challenges.


How to play Adventure Miner

Controls Use WASD or arrow keys to move.

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